Osmose Technology VS OSMarket

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Osmose Technology which is running great from the last 6 months and they are giving huge payout upto 7th level. Osmose Technology has built 4 mobile applications like Pikflick, OSMPlex, Astroid Attack, Space shooter. Till now more than 10Lakhs people have joined there.

If any one join osmose technology and activate their own account with ₹1200 , then that person will get reedem bonus of ₹1200 (shopping voucher from Osmose shopping site). Not only that, he/she will also get ₹20 on daily basis in Osmose wallet from where he/she can withdraw the amount when the amount reaches Rs500. That means everyday payout of Rs20 is there.

You can join Osmose Through below link.


Osmose Technology is giving huge payout daily. Best online earning opportunity is there with Osmose Technology.


1- 10×₹1 10
2- 100×₹2 200
3- 1000×₹3 3000
4- 10000×₹4 40000
5- 100000×₹5 500000
6- 1000000×₹6 6000000 7- 10000000×₹7 70000000

Daily income 76543210/-

Osmose technology is continuously growing. Everyday more than 4-5 Lakhs people visits the website to check their payout and to do the daily operation.


OSMarket application has launched few weeks back. It has the same plan as Osmose Technology, moreover it also copies the name from Osmarket app of Osmose Technology.

To attract the customer they keeps the joining amount – ₹1000 and OSMarket gives Rs 50 daily payout. Though this company is saying that they will launch social media application very soon but no one knows when this app will be launched!!

OSMarket website doesn’t have any SSL key, which means that there is no security of this website and this SSL key is the basic features of any website.

Look at the URL!! this is not secured at all. There is no SSL certificate. All menu in the left panel have same icons.


From my point of view, Osmose Technology is here to survive. They are doing there business in a very professional manner as well as giving benefits to their members. Through Osmose Technology, people will get an opportunity to grow into a higher level of business. Osmose Technology will keep its door open for 7 crore Indian and till date nearly 10 Lakhs people have joined. So, in short, there is a huge opportunity and prospect in Osmose Technology business plan.

On the other hand, OSMarket application is a fully copied business model which will hardly survive for few months.

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